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Glossary of Terminology

Chronicler(s): Specific Heritable Innovation Trust™ team member or set of team members responsible for the documentation of the item. All members of the team have experienced and are familiar with this knowledge this simply denotes the author or authors of a particular item entry.

Explanation of Variation: Documentation of the known variants in the process, artifact, practice, etc. in the item entry. Only information that has been shared about variations is documented here: no outside research was done to acquire this information. Variants are not limited to what is documented here.

Global Market Consequence: Suggested aligned and non-aligned market sectors where there is potential for utilization. Possibilities for utilization are boundless and are not limited to those found in this section.

Local Name: Item name used by the community from whence it came. Often times, the name listed under this heading is in a local language and may not necessarily be the national language of the country at large. All words usually expressed in a written language that does not use the modern Latin alphabet have been spelled phonetically by members of the community.

Origin: Location where a Heritable Innovation Trust™ team learned about a particular item. It in no way limits the process, artifact, practice, etc. to one location it is merely a documentation of where each item was acquired. As more information is gathered about where an item exists, this data will be amended.

Source: Person or group of people that told or taught a Heritable Innovation Trust team about the item. It in no way gives ownership to that person or specific group of people it merely acts as an identifier. All knowledge regarding the item is stewarded by the entire community that presented the item for documentation.

Notes of Clarification

In 2009, the Heritable Innovation Trust™ team worked in close contact with an organic spices and essential oils company by the name of Pacific Spices. The following year the company underwent changes and was referred to in the 2010 document as Follywell No. 6, Ltd. After filing all the necessary paperwork, Follywell No. 6, Ltd. became known as Amruqa. All aliases found in the Heritable Innovation Trust documentation having to do with the company have been kept as they were at the time of documentation. All references to Pacific Spices, Follywell No. 6, Ltd., or Amruqa refer to the same organic spices and essential oils company owned and operated in East New Britain, Papua New Guinea.

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