Industrial Processes

The solar dryer at Pacific Spices is constructed similarly to a green house and utilizes the heat from the sun to dry the contents (see Figure 1). All of the products that need to be dried at Pacific Spices are dried in the solar dryer.

Distilling alcohol from milk products is a long-standing tradition in the Selenge province as well as many other parts of the Mongolian countryside. While goat milk is used most often, cow or sheep milk can also be used. Horse milk, however, is not distilled, as the resulting product is green.

Patchouli is grown and processed for its essential oil. This oil is frequently used as the base for many perfumes. The processing of patchouli oil at Pacific Spices has produced a higher purity form of patchouli oil than is typically found in the market. In fact, Pacific Spices has been asked by their customers to “dirty up” their patchouli oil a bit because the high quality of their oil makes it unrecognizable and harder to use in perfume production. Both the distillation and separation process affords the production of two products, the oil and scented water.

Pacific Spices has expanded their coconut oil processing to other areas of the East New Britain province. Currently they are transporting coconuts to the Vunakanau facility from the Induna plantation and various other locations across East New Britain. This involves shipping all of the organic material (husk, nut, and liquid) at considerable energy and transportation cost. To reduce costs of labor and to shorten the time between coconut de-husking and processing, processing facilities are currently being set up at the Induna Plantation.