Natural Remedies

As an indigenous plant of Papua New Guinea, anuknuk can be found in abundance in personal gardens and the wild. It is a leafy plant that grows about 20 centimeters tall and has circular leaves about 5 centimeters in diameter (see Figure 1). It is used to sharpen memory. Frequently, parents add a few leaves to their children's lunches to help with brain function.

Guayusa (family: Aquifoliacae; genus: Ilex) (also known as aguayusa, wayusa, wayus, huayusa, guañusa, waiyoosa, guayyusa, wausa, wais (Shuar language), wuís (Shuar language), emonteibiquime (Huoarani language), kopíniuk (Záparo language)) is a shade-grown, perennial Amazonian holly tree that grows as a shrub or small tree under the forest canopy of other native tree species from southern Colombia to northern Peru. In Ecuador, it is known to be present in the provinces of Sucumbíos, Napo, Pastaza, Morona Santiago, and Zamora Chinchipe, but has also been found up to 2000 meters along the Eastern foothills of the Andes. The plant grows naturally in the area and is (or was) cultivated by a variety of indigenous groups, including the following: Napo Runa (Quichua), Canelos Runa (Quichua), Quijos Runa (Quichua), Shuar, Achuar, Záparo, Shiwiar, Omagua, Kokama, Pánoba, Kaschibo, Koto, Pioché, Lamisto, Kichos, Kanelo, Aguano, Kandoschi, Sssabela, Chívaro, Mayoruna, Tshayahuita, Tschamakiro, Chebero, Omurana, Yagua, Auischiri, Ssimaku, Ikito, Yameo and Pintsche.