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Guayusa (family: Aquifoliacae; genus: Ilex) (also known as aguayusa, wayusa, wayus, huayusa, guañusa, waiyoosa, guayyusa, wausa, wais (Shuar language), wuís (Shuar language), emonteibiquime (Huoarani language), kopíniuk (Záparo language)) is a shade-grown, perennial Amazonian holly tree that grows as a shrub or small tree under the forest canopy of other native tree species from southern Colombia to northern Peru. In Ecuador, it is known to be present in the provinces of Sucumbíos, Napo, Pastaza, Morona Santiago, and Zamora Chinchipe, but has also been found up to 2000 meters along the Eastern foothills of the Andes. The plant grows naturally in the area and is (or was) cultivated by a variety of indigenous groups, including the following: Napo Runa (Quichua), Canelos Runa (Quichua), Quijos Runa (Quichua), Shuar, Achuar, Záparo, Shiwiar, Omagua, Kokama, Pánoba, Kaschibo, Koto, Pioché, Lamisto, Kichos, Kanelo, Aguano, Kandoschi, Sssabela, Chívaro, Mayoruna, Tshayahuita, Tschamakiro, Chebero, Omurana, Yagua, Auischiri, Ssimaku, Ikito, Yameo and Pintsche.

Agricultural techniques vary along with the terrain of the coastal and mountainous regions of East New Britain. These variations in techniques relate both to the physical differences in terrain and also to the cultural differences of the people who traditionally inhabit these regions.

Pacific Spices has expanded their coconut oil processing to other areas of the East New Britain province. Currently they are transporting coconuts to the Vunakanau facility from the Induna plantation and various other locations across East New Britain. This involves shipping all of the organic material (husk, nut, and liquid) at considerable energy and transportation cost. To reduce costs of labor and to shorten the time between coconut de-husking and processing, processing facilities are currently being set up at the Induna Plantation.