Peanut Harvesting and Processing

In the community of Alakasam, the harvesting, drying, and selling of peanuts is the primary source of income. Generally speaking, peanuts are grown in gardens among other crops or between harvest seasons to replenish the nitrogen and other nutrients in the soil. Using the funds raised from peanut sales, the community of Alakasam has been able to purchase a Land Cruiser and another truck that are left at Malasaet, the closest community accessible by vehicles. As a result, the travel time to market from Malasaet is reduced to roughly a three hour drive. However, the community members are still required to carry large amounts of produce while trekking along a path leading down to a valley and up the side of mountains. This is the only path from Alakasam to Malasaet. The process of getting the peanuts to market is very time sensitive. There is a two day time period where the harvesting, drying, bundling, and sale must take place. If too much time passes, the peanuts will rot before they can be sold.