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The Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation (KRMEF) was established in 2008 near Khokana, in the southwest of Kathmandu Valley, Nepal following the tragic passing of founder Krishna Gurung's 7-year-old son, Kevin Rohan Gurung. Since then, they have built the foundation of the community on the values of respect, integrity, dignity, productivity, trust, and inclusiveness. From there they apply a number of innovative and environmentally aligned practices into their daily living and have attracted a local and international community excited to work and prosper together. KRMEF believes that everyone has something to offer. Creativity and participation make the KRMEF community thrive. Their hope is to demonstrate a fundamental kinship with the environment and with each other.

KRMEF's central agenda is to bring sustainable practices by establishing programs that are deeply rooted and are serving the needs of the community. They are pursuing a broad array of social services which address issues of the environment and climate change, food security, and health. Their projects and services include: an expanded community center that houses a health clinic, cultural events, yoga, and a café offering nutritious food from the village garden; building orphanages and running a Waldorf-based village school; natural building with waste bottles and paper; a permaculture plan considering the ecosystem of the village and residents' needs; developing a craft and jewelry program so as to employ more village women; providing environmentally regenerative cooking fuels; and discovering more effective farming practices working with and rectifying storm water issues and depleted soil. To learn more about the Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation visit their website:

*Photo taken by Ken Dabkowski

To read an NPR Profile of Krishna Gurung and his late son Kevin Rohan Gurung please visit this link: