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Faith Ministry is a faith based mission program rooted in Christianity and is headquartered in McAllen, Texas, a city adjacent to the Mexican boarder. The organization operates primarily in Reynosa and Miguel Alemán, Mexico by aiding in the construction of concrete block housing, operating medical clinics, and sponsoring the education of numerous children. Additionally, many other outreach initiatives are aimed at enriching and empowering the community and individuals. Each year, Faith Ministry coordinates the work of some 100 house-building teams consisting of American volunteers (often from churches or universities), Mexican volunteers, and the families receiving the house to complete as many 12ft by 24ft concrete block houses as possible. Faith Ministry currently operates two medical clinics which provide basic medical care to the residents of Miguel Alemán and Reynosa. American teams also volunteer to serve as extra sets of hands providing medical and dental care throughout the year. To learn more view their video about Faith Ministry and visit their website.

Heritable Innovation Trust visiting Faith Ministry this summer!