Lemongrass Cultivation, Harvesting, and Processing

Lemongrass is grown and processed for its essential oil, which is sold between $15-$20 per kilogram and is commonly used in perfumes, air fresheners, and other fragrance products. The plant has a simple propagation process and is ready to be harvested three months after planting. The distillation process produces roughly two kilograms of oil from 300 kilograms of lemongrass after an hour and a half of processing. The scented water, a byproduct from the distillation process, is often collected and sold to hotels on the mainland, which use the water to wash their linens. Amruqa uses the distilled lemongrass as mulch in their blocks to prevent weeds. The H.I.T. team witnessed these steps using Dwarf Lemongrass; however, it can be used with any type of lemongrass.