Ku (Tavuiliu)

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Ku is a common food product found in Tolai communities of East New Britain. It is made using pure coconut milk that is steamed until all the water has evaporated and the coconut cream remains. The final product has the consistency and appearance of oatmeal and is often used as a sauce or consumed by dipping food in it. In Tavuiliu, ku is often cooked using cooking stones. It produces an oil by-product that is used for body wash and cooking, most often in frying. In Tinginagalip, the shredded coconut is combined with crushed leaves prior to squeezing giving the ku a different texture and taste. The ku is cooked in a pot over the embers of a fire. During our short visit to Navunaram, we also saw a large quantity of ku that had been made for a wedding, suggesting it has a role in special occasions.