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After trips to the Ecuadorian Amazon and experiencing the rich Kichwa traditions, particularly around the consumption of guayusa tea, Tyler Gage and Dan MacCombie drew up a business plan and founded Runa. Runa is an international organization dedicated to facilitating sustainable development and cultural preservation for indigenous communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon as well as the cultivation, production, and distribution of guayusa tea in accordance with Kichwa traditions. Runa's broader mission is to bring traditional knowledge and products to the modern world by working with farmers to establish a supply chain that values their culture. Runa works to achieve its goals through two branches: a for-profit wing that cultivates and distributes the tea and a non-profit foundation that works to encourage and achieve sustainable development within the communities. A large portion of the Runa foundation is dedicated to researching and strategizing environmental conservation and sustainable land management in the Amazon. To learn more about Runa and Fundacíon Runa take a look at their websites: and