A Town Without Digital Distractions

Submitted by administrator on Fri, 2015-07-31 10:19

We are constantly surrounded by digital distractions and often talk about escaping all of the technology yet less than 10% of adults in the United States live without a mobile phone. Does anyone really know what life is like anymore living off of the grid in the US? The Huffington Post published an article featuring a short documentary that offers a glance at life in a town where cell phone reception doesn’t exist and WiFi is banned. An area of 13,000 square miles that straddles the Virginia-West Virginia border is called the National Radio Quiet Zone. “In a sense I feel like I live in a little wonderland. And I suppose that there are people that can’t imagine doing without cellular service, but for most of human history, you know, we managed quite well.” says Jay Lockman, a principal scientist that lives in the no digital distraction area.

Check out the short documentary HERE.