Mark Palm's Mission to Provide More Access to PNG

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Mark Palm shows that through dedication and persistence your dreams can be possible. At 19 years-old, Palm visited the East Sepik Province of Papua New Guinea and immediately noticed the medical needs of the community. The area was so remote that he realized there was a need for easier access to address medical emergencies. Palm’s proposed solution was a float-plane. Palm earned his commercial pilot certification, an instrument and float-plane rating, and an FAA aircraft mechanic certification. In 2000, Palm alongside Samaritan Aviation formed a nonprofit and started raising awareness about their mission to provide remote Papua New Guinea communities more accessible medical transportation. It was not until 10 years after this initial awareness began that Palm and Samaritan Aviation accomplished its goal. Palm moved to Papua New Guinea and began operating his business. Since 2010, Samaritan Aviation and Palm have transported the ill and caregivers to and from the communities and has delivered more than 100,000 medical supplies to remote clinics. Read more into Mark Palm and Samaritan Aviation’s mission HERE.