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Today, HIT is taking a look all the way back at the Black Death plague that peaked in Europe between 1346 and 1353,. According to recent research done at the University of California, Berkeley, a new culprit is being charged with spreading the disease: gerbils. The researchers focused on studying different weather patterns and determined that the conditions were not appropriate for the plague to be caused by rats.

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Ever wondered what it was like to live in an eco-friendly city, focused on sustainable development? If so, check out this article featured on BBC Travel about the top-ranked eco-friendly cities across the globe.

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Ch Saikhanbileg, Prime Minister of Mongolia and Head of the National Council, visited the three millionth citizen of Mongolia. The citizen is a girl that goes by the name Kh.Mongoljingoo. Saikhanbileg personally handed her family a certificate stating that she is the three millionth citizen in Mongolia. Citizenship certificates were handed out to 200 other children born at the same as the nation's three-millionth citizen. Check it out HERE.

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Great news from our good friends at Faith Ministry! Colleen Cook, long-time team member and intern, has joined their staff to help them in coordination and communication with future teams. Colleen will also be helping improve growing Faith Ministry programs such as their scholarships and feeding of children. She has been a part of the Faith Ministry mission as a volunteer since her first experience in 2006 and also worked as an intern during her summer break between school years.

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On February 11, 2015 Japan and Mongolia came together and signed a bilateral economic agreement. The agreement is expected to accomplish two goals: to enhance the bilateral relationship and promote the economic development of Mongolia. The quality of Japan and Mongolia’s strategic partnership will only strengthen over time with this peaceful union. This is the first economic partnership agreement for our friends in Mongolia.

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All across Asia, Lunar New Year celebrations begin to take place. The Lunar New Year is the largest human migration on the planet, lasting for a 40-day period. People of the Asian communities migrate in coordination with the cycles of the moon to bring in the New Year and all of its joy and luck. Mostly celebrated in places with ethnic Chinese populations, the festivities are welcoming in the year of the sheep.

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How much do you all love the snow? Better yet, how would you like to live in the world’s coldest city: Yakutsk. Located in Russia, Yakutsk is the capital city of the Sakha Republic. Its average winter temperature is -30 degrees Fahrenheit. An NPR special introduced Amos Chapple, a New Zealand-born photographer who was assigned to Yakutsk for work.

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Happy Monday HIT followers! Today, we present awesome news involving Soapbox! Joining Target in their natural hair care initiative, launching March 1st, SoapBox will be providing natural hydrate and heal argan oil conditioner to the mix.

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Its about that time again! Mid-February marks the start of our hunt for summer interns. While there isn't an international internship on the books for 2015, we are offering an internship in our office in Charlottesville, Virginia. These H.I.T. Office interns will primarily be media interns.

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Lauren is a 23 year old living in NYC that has not made any trash in the past two years of her life. She has been studying Environmental Studies at NYU and one day it hit her, among all the protesting and projections of keeping everything environmentally friendly, she was not even doing it herself. She began by packaging all her products herself, than she began shopping only secondhand and she even downsized what she already had by donating or just giving away extra material things in her life. What an amazing way to live with the abundance that is already present in your life!