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360 years ago yesterday marked the birthday of Bartolomeo Cristofori, the man who is world renowned for his invention of the piano. He was born in 1655 in Padua, formerly the Republic of Venice. During Cristofori’s lifetime the piano was referred to as a harpsichord that was played either soft or loud. Cristofori’s most notable innovation in the piano was the hammer mechanism that strikes the strings of a piano to create the sound.

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The London Marathon is the third largest running event in the UK. The event was first organized in 1981 and has continued every spring since. This year Nixiwaka Yawanawá added a new kind of runner to the London Marathon as the first Amazon Indian to participate in the race on April 26th. Yawanawá ran to represent indigenous rights by raising funds for Survival International (a global movement for tribal people’s rights). He also represents the Yawanawá tribe (“The People of the Wild Boar) located in Brazil.

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We see the word “natural” all over our food products. Food manufacturers use it as a selling point to all consumers. “Natural” would signal to most people that the product contains no GMO’s or foreign ingredients that our bodies may be unable to process, but that is actually more untrue than true.

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The environmental group, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), is facilitating a new study called: Commissioning the Ocean Economy. The study will assess the monetary value of the ocean based on the goods and services that it provides annually, “[including] fisheries, coastal storm protection, tourism, and carbon sequestration.” WWF places a value of $24 trillion on the ocean with a base estimate of $2.5 trillion in products and services that the ocean generates annually.

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As all have been aware, the powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal between the capital, Kathmandu and the city of Pokhara. News stories flood people’s televisions as well as their computer and phone screens about the number injured continues to rise.

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Mom Renee Bergeron created her own photo series inspired by her son with special needs. Bergeron’s inspiration began when she observed her son’s pure joy and satisfaction from his own individual photo shoot. She had the bright idea to dress Apollo, her 4-year-old son, as a super hero and have him show off his power pose. Apollo was born with a double aortic arch, a rare heart defect. He has already had two heart surgeries, G-tube surgery, and several other minor surgeries starting since he was diagnosed at 18 months.

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Chinese designers based at Dalian Nationalities University developed a Bike Washing Machine that contains a washing machine drum in its front wheel. Their hope is that the bike will reduce space in people’s homes as well as conserve energy. The Bike Washing Machine could also find itself useful in remote areas where people do not have access to reliable supplies of electricity. The prototype of the machine is now being built at the university.

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Monga Bay published an article yesterday outlining McDonald's recent efforts to combat deforestation in the production of their main commodities, including palm oil, beef, packaging, coffee and poultry. McDonald's began by signing the New York Declaration on Forests last September and then developed their own policy independently.

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Happy 46th Earth Day! Earth day is an annual celebration held on April 22nd. Events are held worldwide in support of environmental protection and conservation. The celebration began in 1970 and has continued with more than 192 countries participating every year. Each year magazines, newspapers, and social media publicize Earth Day by discussing ways to celebrate the importance of protecting our environment.

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A recent spotting off of Canada’s western coast of “Granny,” the world’s oldest known living orca at 103-years-old, was recorded and could cause problems for the well-known SeaWorld. The problem lies in SeaWorld’s claim that no one actually knows for sure how long killer whales live and on average many of SeaWorld’s orcas die before they reach age 20. “Granny” seems to be a living and breathing example of the possible life span of orcas.